Weisheiten am Mittagstisch

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4 Antworten auf “Weisheiten am Mittagstisch”

  • Voll ins Schwarze getroffen, dieser Spruch! Schöner kann man es fast nucht ausdrücken.

  • das sehe ich eben genauso. deshalb habe ich das auch festgehalten.

  • That’s a smart answer to a diclifuft question.

  • RE: – David, which banks have the federal funds to absorb the losses? Can you name examples? Federal money is used to boost capital requirements not cover losses. Losses have to still be written off the income and balance sheets BTW, Mr informed cleaner.Lots in Snoco are already at $90k.The people who took over the notes did not take over at YESTERDAY’S prices they did it at 1999 prices. :)The only MPA that is totally and completely wiped out is the Yelm. He hasn’t even gotten water rights yet. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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